Window Cleaning


window-cleaningIf you’re like most homeowners, you don’t clean windows. That’s because streak free quality window cleaning is often difficult, time consuming and dangerous to do. Using vinegar, ammonia or Windex with paper towels, a newspaper or even a baby diaper are the most common at-home window cleaning tricks. At Accent Service Company, we know how valuable your time is. Accent Service Company specialists are ready to do the scrubbing and cleaning for you. With our advanced cleaning process, the streak-free cleaning is done right the first time for you.



Clean exterior windows improve the curb appeal of your office or facility, creating a positive impression on visitors, customers, employees and passersby. Accent Services, uses advanced commercial window cleaning tools, to clean exterior windows and window frames. Our process is eco-friendly to shrubbery and building façade, leaving a deionized surface that helps keep soil from re-attaching to windows. Window  cleaning services include exterior windows and interior windows. Depending on the degree of difficulty and equipment used. quotes may vary.